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Top listings on first page of Google is the goal of organic SEO-selection of keyword phrases that attract traffic and increase reach on the internet.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Want to Drive Traffic to Your Website?

There are two basic ways of driving traffic to your website. One is pay per click where you select keyword ads and when someone clicks on the ad they are directed to your site; or there is another method called organic or natural search engine marketing which increases the ranking of your site pages in the search engines.

What is involved in organic or natural search engine marketing?

Marcia Williams,, in Cody explains:
1. Targeted keyword phrases are researched
2. Those keyword phrases are used in your pages titles,

Wyoming Company Focuses on Natural SEO
text, and tags
3. A description is written for your targeted audience
4. Your newly optimized website is submitted to the top search engines and directories
5. Incoming links are obtained from related or relevant websites

Choosing appropriate keyword phrases is the number one task for raising your website position in the search engines. Six years ago a keyword such as “marketing” would draw traffic to a site, now with billions of pages indexed, competing keyword phrases are more effective.

Optimizing website pages for specific keyword phrases increases your ranking on the search engines and is the second most important task for organic or natural search engine marketing. Where the keyword phrases are placed in the text, titles, and tags also matters.

Does your site description tempt visitors to visit your site and explore what you have to offer? What do you do better than your competitors? What is your unique selling position?

Which search engines are important? Google receives over 47% of current North American internet traffic, Yahoo is closer to 12%, MSN at 9%, and Ask is almost 2%. If there are 100,000,000 searches every month, it counts to be on the first page of Google. Since each search engine individually indexes its own pages, having a top ranking on all of the top sites is important.

Quality of incoming links continues to affect ranking of websites in the search engines. Does your site contain content to attract such links?

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

M Williams Marketing WY Organic SEO Firm

M Williams Marketing, Cody Wyoming, the Only Organic Wyoming SEO firm, offers affordable 6 month online marketing packages for small businesses.

Search engine optimization packages have been developed for websites with three pages and more. Pages can be added one at a time after that based on a clients' budget until all pages of a clients website are optimized and present on the top search engines and directories.